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Referring Physician Offices – How to Refer a Patient

This information is for physician offices only.

We accept referrals through Fibroblast, Leading Reach, email to chartroom@oafw2020.com or fax to 817-332-3985.

If you have an urgent referral please call our office at 817-332-2020 for immediate assistance. 

All other routine referrals please use the Fibroblast or Leading Reach portal or fax the following patient information to our Referral Department at 817-332-3985.  

  • Patient Demographics
  • Patient Insurance Information
  • Reason for the referral
  • Copy of labs or xrays ONLY if they relate to the reason for the referral
  • Most recent office visit only 

If you have questions regarding a previous referral please call 817-332-2020 and ask for the chartroom.  

Thank you for your confidence in our doctors and the care we give to your patients.



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