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IOL Technology

After your cataract has been removed, you will have a lens implant inserted into your eye in place of the cataract. There are many innovative and exciting new premium lens implant options available to you at Ophthalmology Associates.

Depending on your lens selection, it is possible to significantly reduce or even eliminate your dependence on prescription glasses after your cataract surgery.

There are three basic types of premium lens implants available:

  1. Lenses that are designed to give you vision at one distance (as a standard lens would), but also correct astigmatism (referred to as toric lenses).  Toric lenses only benefit those who have a need for astigmatism correction.
  2. Lenses that are designed to give you vision at distance, intermediate, and near.  Toric versions are available as well.  These multifocal lenses give you the best chance at complete spectacle independence, but they require a completely healthy eye without any other visual limitation than a cataract.
  3. Finally, there are lenses that are designed to give you vision at two distances, either distance and intermediate vision, or distance and reading vision.  Toric versions of these lenses are also available.  There are specific reasons that your doctor might choose one of these lenses over a multifocal lens.

The single vision Toric lens implants available in our practice are:

  • The Tecnis Eyhance Toric

  • The Alcon Toric

The multifocal type lenses used in our practice are:

  • The Tecnis Multifocal

  • The Alcon PanOptix and PanOptix Toric

  • The Tecnis Synergy and Synergy Toric

The lenses that give you an extended depth of view are:

  • The Tecnis Multifocal and Multifocal Toric (distance and near vision)

  • The Alcon Vivity and Vivity Toric (distance and intermediate vision)

Each of the premium lens implants offers advantages and disadvantages which are unique to each individual patient. Your surgeon at Ophthalmology Associates will  take time to discuss all of your options prior to your surgery.  Our surgeons have extensive hands-on experience with the subtle differences between all these lens implant options.

At Ophthalmology Associates, your questions will be answered directly by your surgeon – not by a salesperson.

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